Wanted citizen caught with drug possession

KUWAIT: A citizen who was wanted for a seven year prison sentence, was recently arrested while speeding under the effect of drugs in Abu Halifa, said security sources noting that the suspect also possessed a small amount of weed on his person.

Joy ride
A citizen called his next door neighbor to show him the damage his son made to his vehicle when he stole his father’s brand new car and a drove it without his knowledge in Jahra. Sources noted that both cars were seriously damaged and the young driver’s father promised to fix them both at his expense.

Video blackmail
A female citizen reported that someone she had known for a while had been blackmailing her with a video showing them together and demanding that their secret affair continues to fulfill his needs. The blackmailer was arrested later on and referred to relevant authorities.

Prison suicide foiled
Guards of Kuwait Central prison foiled a Jordanian’s inmate suicide attempt. They found him with his wrist veins cut inside his cell and quickly rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Parking fight
A dispute between two neighbors at a parking lot triggered a fight between a citizen and his neighbors. Sources said that a girl who was visiting her aunt parked her car at the neighbors’ parking space and on leaving the premises, she noticed that her car has been damaged by the neighbors’ son.

Worker assaulted
A citizen was recently arrested for brutally assaulting a Bangladeshi working at his ranch in Kabed area. He claimed that the man had sustained his injuries after he fell doing some work on the ranch’s roof. Case papers indicated that the worker was rushed to hospital and the on-call doctors suspected the nature of the injuries were caused by an individual. On interrogating the worker, he said that his sponsor had assaulted him for no apparent reason.

Medicine, food stolen
An Asian driver reported that unidentified robbers had stolen three cartoons of medicine and food supplements when he was delivering a batch of them in Salmiya. The driver estimated the value of the stolen medicine at around KD 400.

Grocer robbed
An Asian grocer in Mangaf reported that an unidentified robber had assaulted him with a knife and stole KD 30 in cash before he fled on foot from the grocery store. – (Al-Rai / Al-Anbaa)

This article was published on 10/09/2017