Veteran actress criticizes hijab-wearing colleagues

Hayat Al-Fahad

Hayat Al-Fahad

KUWAIT: A veteran Kuwaiti actress recently made remarks that were described to be controversial when she criticized veiled actresses.
Speaking on an interview with ‘Al-Majles’ TV channel to discuss the issue of actresses who wear hijab in real life and appear covering their heads all the time onscreen, Hayat Al-Fahad stressed that she was fully against that, saying that this action hurts the actress’ credibility. For example, Fahad mentioned that an actress wearing hijab would appear in headscarf before her husband and kids at home during some scene. “This is illogical,” she argued. These statements created controversy as many observers saw them as a call to fight what they described as ‘decent art,’ and mere responses to anti-feminism religious restrictions.

Parliament committees
MP Madhi Al-Hajri was unanimously appointed chairman of the parliamentary committee for people with special needs. Meanwhile, MP Sultan Al-Shemmari was elected head of the parliamentary interior and defense committee, while MP Faisal Al-Kandari was elected head of the housing committee. In the meantime, member of the parliamentary housing affairs committee MP Rakan Al-Nisf stressed that he would carry on following the housing issue. Separately, MP Ahmad Lari said that along with a number of his colleagues, they were planning to form a parliamentary committee for women affairs and that they would submit a proposal in this regard on the next session.

By A Saleh

This article was published on 01/11/2015