Unprecedented violence

LabeedThrough its ancient and contemporary history, the Arab region has never witnessed all this violence, killing and displacement of innocent people it is currently witnessing. This calls for not burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the fact that we do have some serious problems that require seriousness and credibility in approaching and solving them.

Fighting, violence and the absence of rule of law have contributed in creating radical organizations that destroy all elements of civilization in the Arab region and put an end to religious coexistence regional peoples have enjoyed for thousands of years. The reason behind such extremism is despair s many young people, who were the main target of radical groups, have been feeling. So the arena was wide open for many failures in some countries.

Finding some practices like slavery, torture, genocide and sexual abuse of women by religious and racial minorities and the fact that some voices have been in favor of such practices, is both social and humanely dangerous. This also poses an inclination towards crime and sabotage, which make a minority explain religion as they wish by banning halal things and allowing taboos. This in itself is an imminent threat to principles of protecting current regimes’ pillars.

Regional countries are undoubtedly facing major terrorist challenges, but solutions that adopt violation of human rights and the principles of justice, eventually leads to more extremism. Facing extremism will lead nowhere unless the basic reasons are adequately approached and suitable solutions are responsibly set.

There is a great deal of confusion leading to lack of clear vision. The Arab world has been struck by diverse uprisings in some parts and this should have made the rest of the Arab countries learn their lessons, especially those having similar symptoms.
All regional efforts should continue and be integrated to make use of social media and the speed of circulating information worldwide. We should not focus on highlighting violations, disputes and strikes. We should instead focus on highlighting achievements and positive news that would help build a brighter future and make more people happy.

By Labeed Abdal

This article was published on 31/01/2016