Third American arrested on drug charges

KUWAIT: A few days after the arrest of two Americans on drugs charges, a third was arrested by detectives with 13 kg of marijuana, 11 bottles of liquor and wine, a sensitive scale, a pistol, 42 rounds and three magazines. The suspect confessed to bringing the drugs through the US military air cargo. Detectives learned the suspect was keeping the drugs in his house, so the house was raided and the illicit material was found. He was sent to the public prosecution.

Beggars arrested
Residency affairs detectives arrested more than 10 persons for begging in Farwaniya. Detectives manned various mobile checkpoints to arrest the violators, adding that such campaigns will continue daily.

Gas thief caught
Detectives spotted a citizen wanted on charges of stealing gas cylinders in Ahmadi, so they followed and arrested him. He was also found wanted over a KD 21,000 debt and to serve a five-year jail sentence on drugs charges.

On the seafront
A bedoon was arrested for stealing the contents of car parked by the seafront. Police found several mobile phones with him belonging to the car owners.

Criminal court
The criminal court yesterday sentenced a bedoon to five years in jail with labor and abstained from punishing a number of male and female citizens over charges of forging medical reports. — Alanbaa

This article was published on 23/09/2018