Thieves rob mandoub of KD 8,000

KUWAIT: Four thieves robbed an Egyptian mandoub of KD 8000 after he took the money from his company to make purchases. The Egyptian rushed to the police for help. The Egyptian was attacked by four persons near the building where he lives, as they beat him and took the money. Detectives are working on the case.

Fight in Abu Halifa
Three persons were injured during a fight in Abu Halifa as seven persons exchanged blows over the sale of a car. Ahmadi police intervened and broke up the fight. The injured were taken to hospital and the rest were detained at Abu Halaifa police station.

Motorcycle stolen
A citizen in Fahad Al-Ahmad told police that two persons stole a motor cycle and loaded it in a pickup truck before escaping. The citizen told police security cameras recorded the theft. Detectives are investigating.

Child burnt under nanny care
A citizen accused his domestic helper of neglecting his six year old daughter, as her hand was burned with hot water as he claimed in a complaint at Rihab police station. The helper is being questioned.

This article was published on 04/10/2015