The relation between confidence and inner peace

realConfidence plays a huge role in finding inner peace. It also allows you to think and make decisions in a more clearer state of mind. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you tried to achieve something and it just wouldn’t work? Merely due to the fact that you didn’t believe enough in yourself, you just didn’t have the confidence. Ask yourself this, what is confidence? To each person confidence is something different. To me confidence is the ability to rise to the challenge, to know that you are capable of taking on whatever obstacle that may be standing in your way.

Confidence is not something that we are born with, but rather something we require, and each and every one of us is capable of acquiring that very characteristic. Confidence is one of the most important traits a person can have. In my opinion, it really differentiates one person to another. With that, I believe that it is confidence which leads to many positive outcomes that may happen in one’s life, though many believe it is luck, it isn’t. That leads me to my opening statement which says that confidence brings inner peace once acquired. It works in one way or another like a domino effect, once confidence is present, positive affirmations begin to arise, which in turn leads to your happiness which finally brings you to inner peace. It is all connected; it is the way I find our wonderful world to work.

Learn and grow
For example, when applying for a job, you will find that you have countless candidates applying for the same position as you. However, you may not have as much experience nor qualifications in the field to fill that position as the best candidate, but ask yourself this, what would give you the advantage over the other applicants. The answer is simple, it is confidence, you see confidence doesn’t just show capability of doing the job in this case, but it also shows the willingness to learn and grow. This goes back to my relation of the topic at hand to inner peace. Once you get the job, this brings the factor of happiness and self-fulfillness. In conclusion you have inner peace. It is in us all, we just need to find it.

Find yourself by finding confidence within you, everything will work out if you truly believe in yourself and your capability to turn any dream into a reality. Be positive to attract positivity and success and never underestimate yourself because that will always restrict you to doing more and achieving more. Always do what will make you grow and succeed, you never know who you’re inspiring, whether it was a colleague, family member or a stranger, spreading positive vibes will always allow the people around you to feel encourage to do as good or better. Confidence will always be that one factor that attracts any human being, regardless of what characteristic you feel you lack, whether it was beauty, brains, a great physique and so on.

Love yourself in order to be capable of loving the people around you. You deserve nothing less than love, respect, and care as a human being, anything else you need will be a bonus for you.

This article was published on 21/10/2015