‘Tea boy’ busted for blackmailing deportees

KUWAIT: In another case, a man working in providing beverages at the deportation center was arrested for blackmailing and robbing people held there pending their deportation process. Investigations revealed that the man took advantage of his work to approach deportees and learned about where they lived. He would then head to the deportees’ houses and rob their contents, taking advantage of the fact that they would not be sent back home to collect their belongings. The suspect was sent to the public prosecution.

Domestic violence
A man went to Bayan police station and lodged a complaint against his wife who works for the health ministry for beating him, said a security source. The woman was summoned and argued during questioning that she was subjected to physical and verbal assault from her husband. Both submitted medical reports with their complaints. The woman said the incident followed a domestic dispute, but refused to say what it was about.

Hawally detectives are looking to identify and arrest a number of people who attacked two men in Rumaithiya. A Kuwaiti young man told police that he and his friend were attacked by unknown persons who drove a luxury vehicle in Bedaa. The suspects escaped following the assault, the plaintiff said.

This article was published on 09/11/2017