Taiwan offers smart energy-efficiency solution for buildings in Middle East

Taiwan External Trade Development Council holds seminar


KUWAIT: Taiwan External Trade Development Council organized a seminar on smart energy-efficiency solution for buildings on Sunday at Radisson Blu, Bubiyan Ballroom. The seminar was sponsored by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA.
Green building brings together a vast array of practices, techniques, and skills to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health. It often emphasizes taking advantage of renewable resources and using low-impact building materials e.g., using sunlight through passive solar, active solar, photovoltaic equipment and heat insulation solar glass. Taiwan has long been famous for the high quality of its technology exports and prides itself on the strength of our dynamic economy and the tremendous business opportunities available to industries around the world.

The three Smart Energy-efficiency solution providers represented yesterday were leaders in their specializations. They demonstrated ongoing commitment to excellence and have developed world class responses to contemporary energy problems. All delegates represent state of the art research and development in the energy sector and are proudly Taiwanese.
The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was established in 1974. It’s most prestigious Research Group is introducing a newly developed construction material called Heat Insulation Solar Glass for use with Zero Energy Buildings. The glass can generate solar power.

On the sidelines of the seminar, Chuang, Suo-Hang, vice chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, told Kuwait Times that the seminar is about the smart energy-efficiency solution providers to the Middle East. “The purpose of this visit is to introduce a newly developed construction material for Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB) called Heat Insulation Solar Glass (HISG). ”

Chuang added that the ZEB is ideal for energy efficiency buildings as it needs no extra power from the grid to supply the energy consumption inside the buildings. “The heat insulation solar glass can possess higher power generation, heat insulation, saving power for air-conditioners in summer time and saving heater in winter time,” he explained.

He praised the role of KFAS Director General, Dr Adnan Shihab-Eldin for his passion for inventions and in energy saving solutions. “Dr Adnan is a creative man working toward making Kuwait a better place to live,” he added.

Regarding the Kuwaiti market, Chuang said that Taiwan External Trade Development Council is seeking to cooperate with Kuwaiti companies that participated in the seminar yesterday to learn more about the Taiwanese products.

This article was published on 02/10/2017