Relatives fight in Ardiya café

KUWAIT: Five female citizens who are related engaged in a fight with each other in an Ardiya cafe. They were taken to the police station and charged with fighting. The five women hurled insults at each other before exchanging blows, so police were called.

Escapees caught
Ahmadi detectives arrested two dangerous suspects who had escaped from their holding cell. The two, who were found in Hawally, said they opened the cell’s door with a copy of the key and that they had planned the escape for days. A man was waiting for them outside the police station. He was also arrested.

Physical assault
A Syrian man suffered a broken jaw and his friend, a citizen, suffered various bruises and grazes, when six persons beat them for no apparent reason in Zour desert. The two called police, who responded along with paramedics and took them to Adan Hospital. Ahmadi detectives are working on the case.

Reckless driving
Police brought 150 persons under control who had gathered in a street near Taima to see reckless drivers showing off with their cars. The drivers poured diesel on the street during their act, endangering other motorists who drive on the road. Several drivers were arrested and their cars impounded, and legal action is being taken.

Pedestrian mugged
A person in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh abducted an Asian man and robbed him, claiming to be a detective. The victim was walking at night when a man stopped him telling him he was a detective. He asked him to get in his car and handcuffed him. He then took him to an area in Hasawi and stole KD 300 in cash and his new phone, got him out of the car then drove off. The victim went to Jleeb police station and complained.

Domestic violence
A citizen dropped domestic violence charges against her husband, saying that issue between them was resolved. However, she made an emergency call later and insisted to lodge a complaint against her husband. The woman told police she was beaten by her husband, and when a patrol went to the house, the woman told them the dispute was resolved,. Minutes later, she called again and insisted that a complaint be lodged. Both were sent to Saad Al-Abdullah police station, and investigations are underway.

Suicide attempt
Police and paramedics rescued a young citizen who slashed his wrist in an attempt to commit suicide. Police found there was a fight between two brothers, which prompted one of them to attempt suicide. The injured youth became enraged in the ambulance and caused extensive damage, while paramedics attempted to help him. – Translated from the Arabic press

This article was published on 01/03/2017