Prostitutes caught

KUWAIT: Police arrested two Romanian prostitutes who entered the country on visit visas and were charging KD 200 per hour. Vice police received tips about the two women who made appointments over the Internet, so an undercover agent was asked to contact them, and an appointment was made for Saturday night. The source went to the hotel in Salmiya and waited in the lobby for 20 minutes. A woman then arrived and asked him whether he wanted to go with one or both. The agent made an agreement as instructed by detectives and went with her to her room, where he handed her marked notes. Detectives who received a signal from the agent then raided the room and caught the two women red-handed. They said they had already rendezvoused with 11 men prior to the undercover agent, adding this was their first time in Kuwait. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

This article was published on 16/04/2018