Police investigate money laundering case at Education Ministry

KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s financial crimes department completed its investigations in a money laundering case at the education ministry, and sent the case to the public funds prosecution. The ministry also terminated the contract of one of those involved. The Central Bank discovered money laundering at the education ministry with senior officials involved. Their actions were known by their superiors, and they were referred to state security. The Central Bank found the money laundering was done with a new trick and through bogus work orders and invoices for maintenance works that were not executed.

Domestic violence

A Pakistani man was held at Farwaniya police station after stabbing his wife several times in various parts of her body. The victim remains in hospital in critical condition, and police are waiting on her condition to determine the charges to be pressed against her husband; if she survives, he will be charged with attempted murder, and if she dies, for premeditated murder. A security source said a report from Farwaniya Hospital was received about the stabbings. When detectives investigated, they learned it was the husband who had stabbed her. When he arrived at the hospital to check on his wife’s condition, he was arrested.

Café worker beaten

A citizen beat a worker at a Hawally cafe for being late in bringing sheesha for him. The beating took place in front of other cafe patrons, who saved the Indian worker. The cafe owner called police, who took the two to the police station. The citizen faces assault charges.


The body of an Egyptian man in his 30s was sent to coroner after he died one week after arriving in Kuwait. Adan Hospital reported the case from Al-Zour. Hospital staff said the deceased man was exhausted and had difficulty breathing. The victim arrived in hospital comatose without any vital signs, and doctors could not revive him and declared him dead 45 minutes later.

Reckless driver arrested

A reckless driver smashed into a police patrol in Fahaheel, prompting a man and a woman who were with him to flee. He was arrested and found drunk and in possession of a liquor bottle. Police asked the erratic driver to pull over, but he did not heed their call. He then hit the patrol car and sped away, enabling his companions to escape, before he was arrested. The duo is being sought based on information police received from the suspect.

Six rescued

A lieutenant from Shuwaikh sea fire center broke his hand while rescuing six sailors whose boat sank near Doha Port. The six were rescued safely and the lieutenant was taken to hospital.


Ahmadi police are looking for a thief who broke into a female citizen’s car at the camel farms and removed a bag containing jewelry, makeup and accessories. The case was filed at Ahmadi police station. The woman did not accuse anyone.

– Translated by Kuwait Times form Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

This article was published on 14/08/2018