Otaibi denies MOE school statements

KUWAIT: MP, Khaled Mohammed Al-Otaibi described the statements made by MOE officials about preparations made for the new school year as fake because the real situation in various schools were different, namely those in areas he described as the ‘forgotten’ ones such as Sabah Al-Ahmed City.

“We have previously warned of what happens in new areas every year and the negligence Ali Sabah Al-Salem school suffered from is happening again now in Sabah Al-Ahmed schools”, he underlined noting that a girls’ intermediate school has 1500 students and is still understaffed in both teachers and administrative staff.
Al-Otaibi added that the area’s boys secondary school now includes 31 classes compared to only 14 last year. “School was suspended for a week in another school because it is understaffed compared to the number of pupils”, he added noting that parents have started taking their kids to other less crowded schools in distant areas.

Health minister responds
Health minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi said that he made several reform decisions including decision 29/2017 pertaining restructuring the inspection and auditing office directly subjected to him, decision number 47/2017 on organizing requesting and purchasing medical equipment, decision 48/2017 pertaining preparing studies on projects, decision 49/2017 pertaining reporting an employee absent and suspending his/her salary pending investigations and decision 50/2017 pertaining the procedures followed on sending and auditing the overseas treatment documents to stop the previous shortcomings detected in health offices abroad. He said this in response to the remarks made by the auditing bureau and in fulfillment of the promises he made in the oath he took while sworn in to develop health facilities and systems and to fight corruption,

MPW vacancies
MPW is expected to announce 18 vacancies for managers and heads of departments within a few days, said informed sources noting that six further vacancies would be later announced. Meanwhile, MPW assistant undersecretary for road engineering affairs, Ahmed Al-Hessan said that the ministry would sign three new road construction contracts within the coming two months to develop Abdali, Salmi highways and south Surra road.

By A Saleh

This article was published on 12/09/2017