Omar K Alghanim awarded – ‘Visionary of the Year’ 2015

Omar K Alghanim receives the award during ITP’s annual ‘CEO Middle East’ awards gala.

Omar K Alghanim receives the award during ITP’s annual ‘CEO Middle East’ awards gala.

KUWAIT: Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the Middle East, announced that its CEO, Omar Kutayba Alghanim, received the “Visionary of the Year” award for 2015 from ITP. Alghanim was handed the award during ITP’s annual ’CEO Middle East‘ awards gala, which recognizes the top regional CEOs of 2015.

The award not only recognized Alghanim for his roles as CEO of Alghanim Industries and Chairman of Gulf Bank, but for his leadership at the World Economic Forum (WEF,) in Jordan, which he co-hosted in May of this year.

In addition, Alghanim is a former Chair of the Regional Business Council and guided the ‘New Vision for Arab Employment Initiative’, which involves giving employment skills training to 100,000 Arab youth by 2017. His role as Chairman o INJAZ Kuwait and founder and first Chairman of INJAZAl Arab were also highlighted during the ceremony. In a speech given at the event, Alghanim said, “It is an honor to be here among the other CEOs who have been recognized tonight, and to be among those who have won the ‘Visionary of the Year’ award before me. While I am being recognized today for vision – and vision is important – what I believe is even more important, is having the right people challenge this vision, to be surrounded by a team that is not only productive, but can also execute vision and continue to push others to strive for more. I would like to thank our management team for their efforts and for enabling me to do more than I had hoped. This recognition pushes all of us to continue our hard work to meet the challenges our region faces today.” ITP holds the ‘CEO Middle East’ event annually, recognizing innovation and excellence in the region.

This article was published on 20/09/2015