Not even the sky is our limit

realreaWe’re always running around trying to do the best we can with our time and our job, always pushing ourselves to exceed what we think is our limit, when the truth is, we have no limits. Not even the sky is our limit when we have the entire galaxy to explore.

I feel women nowadays have become more powerful, educated, opinionated and extremely hard working, and that’s something that I’m really proud of and love, but of course in this estrogen-filled world fierce competition comes with the territory, which isn’t always a good thing.

Healthy competition is necessary for you to become more motivated to do well, and better. There’s nothing wrong with looking up to another woman as your inspiration, because it’s healthy to do so and it also means you are confident enough to recognize other strong and successful women instead of trying to bring them down. However, all of this hard work and commitment will eventually take a toll on you and your well being.

I’m all for being independent and successful, especially when you’re a woman (not being sexist) but this is something that I’ve recently believed in because I feel independent, educated and successful women are better in making decisions in both their personal lives; choosing a partner, deciding on what they deserve and so on, as well as in their career.

All of that aside, this chaotic lifestyle isn’t a healthy one, it may be right for a period of time, it may improve your finances, improve your job title and most likely elevate your lifestyle, but it’s not something you want to loose yourself within. At some point, many people become overwhelmed with work and responsibilities that they forget that they actually have a life of their own, and I might not be one to talk, but I also lost myself and was drowned with work and what I thought that I was doing right, up until I realized that I did not even have a weekend free of work for the passed year and a half.

I literally saw work as an escape, when the truth is you can never have enough work, never have enough income, you just turn into this hungry person who just eats, but never gains weight. You continuously work, neglect your personal and social life till you find yourself drained, and lonely. Taking a break will do the exact opposite, and you won’t be able to take a break until you believe that you actually deserve one, and that just like how this work opportunity occurred, many more are yet to come and that you will always get what is yours in life.

Shutting yourself down for even an hour day to have it to yourself, free of work and anything that would keep you busy is what will keep you sane and will make you feel more energized and creative with what you do. We all need a break from everything in our lives, space is healthy, but not too much space. Even from our partners, friends, and family, when we spend too much time together arguments seem to break out and causes tension, which you want to avoid.

Love yourself to believe that you deserve to take of yourself, in order to take care of the others around you as well as your job. You can only work for hard for so long then you’ll crash if you don’t make sure you take some time off, even if it was for an hour every day, or to go off for the weekend every couple of months. It will make you feel better, sleep better, think more clearly and you will always feel more eager to go back to work with so much energy and a more positive mindset.

All the pressure, long hours and stress will leave you overwhelmed and you will start sleeping less, looking and feeling more tired, which I feel shouldn’t be the case with anything you do in life, nothing is worth loosing your health for, as being healthy is the most important and essential thing for any human being

This article was published on 06/04/2016