No injuries in Sabhan factory fire; 3 Asians arrested on airport

KUWAIT: Firefighters tackle a blaze at a Subhan factory yesterday.

KUWAIT: A fire was reported yesterday in a furniture factory in Sabah, and it was tackled successfully by firemen from the Sabhan, Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Salmiya, Ardhiya and back up fire stations. The isolated area around the factory kept the fire from spreading. No injuries were reported in the blaze which completely destroyed the 4,000 sq m factory. Meanwhile, investigations are underway to find out the reason behind the fire.

Airport security arrested three Asians; one without an ID and wanted by police, another for being reported absconding and the third for being banned from entering Kuwait. They were sent to Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh police station for further legal action.

Residency detectives deported 18,866 law violators so far this year and recorded 32,627 absconding complaints in cooperation with service centers. The number of security restrictions of expatriates’ missing passport was 1,804.

At large
An SUV driver escaped from police with the help of four persons who got in the way of a patrol and hit it deliberately. One of them then threw an axe at the patrol car and broke its window. Detectives are working on arresting the five, who are still at large.

An Egyptian man borrowed a citizen’s car, only to have it impounded because he committed a traffic violation. When the Egyptian told the car owner about it, he beat him up. The Egyptian told Salmiya police what happened, and submitted a medical report as he lodged a complaint. Detectives summoned the citizen, who claimed the Egyptian was lying, but it was proved that he did beat him, so he was referred to concerned authorities for further legal action.

Two young women, a citizen and a bedoon (stateless), were arrested after they were found sitting in the street near a Rumaithiya park. Both of their families were called to take back the girls, and they signed undertakings not to leave them outside. A police patrol saw the two girls after midnight. When asked why they were out this late, they said they spend the weekends together. Both girls were taken to the police station, then the citizen’s mother and the bedoon’s elder sister came and took them. They were told they will face charges of negligence in caring for minors if this is repeated.

Hawally police stopped a cross-dresser from going to a party, and he was taken to the vice detectives department, where he was detained. The man was in a car with tinted windows, so he was stopped. Police found he was dressed in women’s clothes with makeup and accessories.

A citizen went to Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station to lodge a complaint, and because he did not have his ID on him, his fingerprint was taken and he was found wanted on a financial case worth KD 8,000. Police registered his complaint, then he was detained and referred to the civil implementation department.

Jahra police broke up a bloody fight in Taima during which two citizens ganged up against a third and caused him several injuries. Paramedics were called and the injured man was taken to Jahra Hospital, while and the other two were taken to the police station.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies


This article was published on 07/11/2017