NBK Capital hosts fourth annual investment forum ‘The Insight’

Clients, investors and financial experts attend forum

Faisal Al-Hamad welcoming the guests

KUWAIT: Watani Investment Company (NBK Capital) hosted its fourth annual Investment Forum entitled “The Insight” during which the Company’s economic, investment and asset management experts presented an outlook on the dynamics and developments in the investment industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Also speaking at the Forum were financial experts from regional and international companies whom focused on investment solutions and ideas to provide analysis-based insights to investors.

Through such forums, NBK Capital aims to provide its clients and investors with insights on the latest development and trends in the investment industry, giving them expert opinion in the world of finance and offering them valuable recommendations to help shareholders make informed investment decisions to benefit their investments.

In his talk, Chief Executive Officer of NBK Capital, Faisal Al-Hamad, said, “We are pleased to host our fourth annual Forum, a vital platform allowing us to exchange insights, open a dialogue and further strengthen our partnership with clients amidst fluctuations in the local, regional and global financial markets and the rapid developments in technologies. Our ultimate goal is to continue developing innovative financial solutions that address the specific investment needs of our clients”.

Participants in the Forum discussed key economic and financial challenges affecting today’s markets, including a presentation titled “Global Markets Review & Outlook” highlighting challenges and opportunities in global markets. It was mentioned that strong growth and slowly rising inflation can keep the rally going, and we should expect more volatility after the completion of Brexit by coming Autumn. The investors should beware of political risks in 2018, even though emerging markets may look healthy and promising.

NBK Capital Managing Director of MENA Asset Management, Dr Husayn Shahrur, have a presentation on “The Interplay Between Active and Passive Investing”, highlighting historical evidence from global and regional markets showing how investment evolves from focusing on single products and performance to solutions based on outcomes and goals.

NBK Capital Smart Wealth Chief Executive Officer, Fahed Al-Bader, discussed innovations in investment management and the use of technology to drive best-in-class solutions, emphasizing on the convenience and efficiency of digital investment solutions.

The Forum concluded with a panel discussion hosted by international analysts and specialists in the real estate sector to share thoughts on mature real estate markets. Speakers stressed that investors’ appetite for real estate continues to grow and discussed means and opportunities that generate valuable returns. Discussions also showed the importance of efficient and professional management of financial assets, today more than ever.

Since its inception in 2005, NBK Capital prides itself on a reach and scale that is global, a focus that is regional and a service level that always remains personal.

This article was published on 19/02/2018