Murderer details crime

KUWAIT: Following up the murder of a 22-year-old woman in Taima in Jahra by her husband, the man said he had some problems with his wife and that those problems had reached a deadlock. The suspect told detectives that he took his wife to the Jahra Club parking lot to settle things, but when they reached there, they argued again, which angered him and made him strangle her to death. The suspect added that he then called his father, who works in the interior ministry and told him what he had done. His father advised him to turn himself in at Taima police station, which he did.

Man assaults wife’s foe

A citizen lost his temper on seeing his wife fighting with another woman at a Mangaf shopping mall and got involved in the fight himself to defend her. Security sources said the angry husband assaulted the other woman before leaving the scene with his wife. However, the assaulted woman jotted down his vehicle’s license plate number and lodged a complaint, accusing him of assault and sexual abuse. Further investigations are in progress.

Phone abuse

A female citizen lodged a complaint against someone she does not know, saying that she received a call from him, in which he apologized and claimed to have dialed the wrong number. The woman said the unidentified caller then called again, expressing his admiration for her and started sending her indecent images on WhatsApp. The suspect is being summoned to face charges of misusing a mobile phone and instigating indecency.

Phone thief nabbed

A Yemeni was arrested for stealing mobile phones from various showrooms, said security sources, noting that the suspect usually entered showrooms pretending to process a transaction. While the clerk tended to him, he used to steal the clerk’s phone kept on the desk and vanished. On getting a report, policemen rushed to a showroom and checked the surveillance cameras. The suspect was soon arrested in a nearby showroom attempting the same.

Druggies arrested

A citizen was arrested with some joints in Rehab, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a police patrol suspected the man on spotting his vehicle parked in an open yard. The man, who seemed nervous, claimed that he was feeling dizzy and was only resting for a while. However, detectives noticed that both his dishdasha and the passenger seat had traces of cigarette burns. On searching him, the joints were found. Separately, a citizen was arrested at a routine checkpoint by weapons detectives in Kaifan with a large bag of illicit pills, said security sources, noting that the suspect confessed to be a drug addict and pusher. – Translated from the Arabic press

This article was published on 28/12/2017