Municipality launches inspection campaign

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality’s Acting PR manager Mohammed Al-Mutairi said that a campaign has been launched to improve the standard of cleanliness as well as to have more control over foodstuff providers, warehouses, storage areas, ads and licenses. Al-Mutairi added that the first phase of the campaign resulted in removing 331.367 cubic meters of garbage, destroying 83.631 tons of expired food items, removing 836 abandoned vehicles, filing 2378 citations, washing and replacing 8485 garbage containers, removing 3755 ads and closing down 26 stores. Meanwhile, Farwanya Municipality Manager Saeed Al-Azmi said that his teams had confiscated and destroyed 13 tons of foul vegetables and 365.5 tons of expired food items found in some stores and warehouses. Al-Azmi added that his teams removed 9975 cubic meters of garbage and 138 abandoned vehicles

This article was published on 30/08/2017