MP Kandari delays grilling because the govt is quitting

MP Faisal Al-Kandari

KUWAIT: MP Faisal Al-Kandari said yesterday that he decided to delay submitting a grilling request against the oil minister because the government is quitting and will announce its resignation on Monday.

Kandari in Wednesday cowed he will file a request to grill Oil Minister Essam Al-Marzouk along with MP Omar Al-Tabtabai.
He said that he went to the assembly speaker’s office to file the grilling but “speaker told me that the government is not attending the next session” at the end of the month.

“All of us know that the government is resigning and it is going to officially submit its resignation on Monday and so there is no use of filing the grilling” the lawmaker said.

But he will still wait until next Monday to see what happens and will change his decision accordingly if the government does not resign.

All political developments indicate that the government has decided to quit after lawmakers filed a no-confidence motion against Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and acting information minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah.
More than 22 MPs have declared their support for the motion just three members short of the required number to dismiss the minister. Some sources even said that several ministers have submitted their resignation to the prime minister.
In the most likely scenario, Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Muabrak Al-Sabah is expected to be renamed to form the new cabinet, expecting to have better cooperation with the national assembly.

Former Islamist lawmaker Mubarak Al-Duwailah meanwhile criticized those planning to file new grillings after MPs filed the no-confidence motion, saying “they are putting at risk the democratic life in the country”. He did not elaborate but his statement means there is a risk that the assembly might be dissolved or suspended altogether for some time.

By B Izzak

This article was published on 26/10/2017