Motorist to expat: ‘Leave or I’ll deport you’

KUWAIT: A reckless driver damaged an Egyptian motorist’s car and threatened to deport him. “Go, you are an expat… leave, otherwise I will deport you,” he warned. The Egyptian reported the matter to police, who arrested the driver and took him to Sharq police station.

Child molester caught
A soldier accused an Egyptian guard at a youth center of molesting his son. The 11-year-old boy told his father that while at the youth center, the guard took him to a darkened area, fondled him and attempted to rape him, but he escaped and waited for his father outside. Investigations are underway. – Translated from the Arabic press

Comedy clips
A police officer was detained for violating military law and rules after appearing in comedy clips on social media. The officer was basking in the sudden fame he got through the humorous clips on Snapchat, but was being monitored by the supervisory department. His action was deemed a clear violation of ministry instructions, which bans its employees from compromising the security apparatus, so he was interrogated and detained.

This article was published on 18/10/2017