Ministry denies phone tap rumors

KUWAIT: Director of the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash strongly denied rumors claiming that the ministry is monitoring phone conversations and personal social media messages, describing such allegations as ‘baseless.’ “The ministry does not tap phones or violate privacies,” he said, noting that images that went viral on social media showing people installing special cameras were actually taken in another Gulf state. He also stressed that such attempts to scare citizens and residents will be traced by criminal investigators to refer those responsible to public prosecution.

A citizen was arrested for burning down a bedoon (sateless) man’s house in Sulaibiya, said security sources, noting that the suspect justified his crime by retaliating against the bedoon for selling him fake drugs.

Auto theft
An Egyptian man reported that an anonymous person stopped him in Sulaibiya claiming that the front right tire was running flat. He stopped his vehicle and stepped outside of it, then the man rushed inside the vehicle and drove off with it, he said. An auto theft case was filed pending further investigations.

Kidnap threat
A female citizen reported receiving phone calls from an unidentified woman threatening to kidnap her granddaughter, said security sources, noting that the woman demanded for protection. A case was filed for investigations.

Drug possession
In an attempt to get rid of evidence after being arrested with the possession of hashish, a citizen swallowed a piece of hashish and was hospitalized. He later managed to escape from the hospital after receiving medical treatment, said security sources. Investigations are ongoing in search for him.

A farm keeper was killed and another suffered from smoke inhalation when they left a burning charcoal fire inside their room overnight.

Policeman insulted
A traffic policeman filed a complaint against a female citizen accusing her of insulting him while on duty, said security sources. The policeman said that while he was issuing a traffic ticket for the girl for violating traffic laws, she insulted him and said that her uncle is a major general while another is a lieutenant colonel. She told him that he was ‘nothing but a serviceman who can be crushed’ before driving off, he said. A case was filed.

Reckless demolition
A search is on for a bulldozer operator who recklessly pulled down a building in downtown Kuwait City by knocking down the foundation pillars from the bottom despite warnings to be more cautious. The man fled the scene following the incident, said security sources.

Harasser caught
A police officer from the weapons detectives squad arrested a drunk citizen who had been harassing customers inside a shopping mall in Sabhan, said security sources.

Dog attack
A citizen and his sister were attacked by their neighbor’s dog in Mubarak Al-Kabeer, said security sources, noting that the neighbor easily managed to control the canine.-Al-Rai

This article was published on 30/01/2017