Man leaves with KD 4,000 transferred to his account

KUWAIT: A court employee transferred KD 4,000 to the account of an Egyptian man by mistake and failed to retrieve it. Meanwhile, detectives found out that the person who received the money has already left the country. The issue began when the owner of an engineering company, to whom the money should have been transferred, claimed he was swindled by a person, in addition to forgery of an official document by an employee at the court. Detectives’ investigations led to identifying the employee, and when questioned, he said it was not deliberate and he was not able to recover the money. He said he prepared a summons for the person and gave it to Fintas police, then told the judge about what happened and a travel ban was issued, but the suspect had already left the country by then. Investigations continue.

Forged degrees
The Capital prosecution summoned several suspects to be questioned on suspicions of forging their degrees. Among the suspects questioned is a colonel, who was shown evidence of forgery, which gained him undeserved incentives. Some were released on bail.

The body of an Asian man was recovered by the coroner after he was electrocuted to death. The Jahra Hospital investigator told police that an Indian who arrived in hospital died while being transferred to the ICU. The incident took place while he was repairing electric wires.

Salam detectives sent a Sri Lankan man to the public prosecution for forgery and impersonation. The suspect confessed to stealing the ID of a Bangladeshi man, then went to a communications company and told the employee the ID was his – he then gave his fingerprints to get a phone and a line. The Bangladeshi man told police he received a call from a communications company asking him to pay for his line and phone, but he denied ever going to the company. Detectives found where the suspect got the phone and identified him, leading to his arrest. He confessed to the charges.

Kidnapping and harassment
Hawally prosecution is investigating a case of kidnapping and harassment of an Arab woman by a citizen who owns medical clinics, as he has faced such accusations before. The Arab woman, who works in one of these clinics, told Salmiya police while she was waiting for a relative, she was surprised by the clinic owner offering her a ride. The woman refused, but he forced her in the car against her will, then committed an indecent act. Investigations continue to find the truth. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

This article was published on 15/08/2018