Maid accused of jewelry theft

KUWAIT: A domestic helper fled her sponsor’s house with jewelry worth KD 2,000 in addition to KD 500 in cash, according to the employer. A complaint was lodged at Jahra police station and the suspect’s name was placed on the travel ban list. A security source said the sponsor walked in her bedroom to find it ransacked and the jewelry and cash were missing. When she called the helper, she found out that she was not in the house, so she accused her with the theft. Detectives are working on the case.

Sheep stolen
A bedoon farm owner lodged a complaint against his friend, a citizen, accusing him of stealing four sheep after beating the guard and threatening him with a knife. Detectives are working on arresting the suspect.

Drug dealer arrested
Ahmadi police arrested a citizen known for pushing drugs following stiff resistance in Ali Sabah Al-Salem. They found five envelopes containing shabu (methamphetamine) and tablets suspected of being psychoactive drugs.

Insults and threats
A citizen told Naeem police that a man insulted and threatened her by text message due to previous disputes. A security source said that the suspect surprised her with the SMS message containing insults and threats to harm her. A security source said the citizen told Naeem police that a dispute occurred between them followed by threats and insults through SMS, copies of which she gave police. Police are looking for the suspect for questioning and he may face legal action.

Unlicensed clinic
Public Authority for Food and Nutrition inspectors discovered a clinic and a pharmacy, both unlicensed, along with stolen medicine, in a basement in Mahboula run by Asians. Head of the inspection team Sattam Al-Jalal said a citation was issued and the health ministry was informed in order to close down the facility and take further action.

Air gun
An investigator at a police station accused detectives there of firing an air gun at her car and damaging its radiator. The investigator said she wanted to resolve the problem under friendly terms, but all detectives denied any involvement. She said she only drives her car from home to work and back, adding that a confiscated air gun at the police station may have been used. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

This article was published on 04/08/2018