Kuwait’s Corruption Protection Authority!

Waleed Al-Ghanem

Kuwait’s rank on the corruption perceptions index for 2016 according to Transparency International dropped by 20 positions, as Kuwait ranks 75th in 2016 compared to 55th in 2015. Such dangerous information go by unnoticed, since it seems that there is no value for any indicator in Kuwait except for the oil price indicator.

The 75th place is considered a new record for the government in this field, as Kuwait never reached such a low rank on the corruption perceptions index since 2003. If our government continues working with the same bad system and failed method, then Kuwait will soon find itself competing with other underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa for last place.
It is natural for the government to get this rank, and everybody in Kuwait feels that they are surrounded with corruption wherever they go, whether in state departments or projects. Last year was haunted by the 2013 parliament, which we have miraculously escaped from. That parliament contributed to the absence of true national achievements, then certain influential people took control by marginalizing State Audit Bureau reports and crippling the work of the Public Anti-Corruption Authority.

Did the government have a discussion over this low rank and find out the reasons behind it? Was a report about this ‘great achievement’ presented to the Cabinet? Did the National Assembly hold a special session to discuss this situations that harmed Kuwait’s reputation around the world? The answer will be ‘no’ of course, because this is not the true interest of state officials as long as their posts are protected and their interests are unaffected, except for a few.

Are we to remind you that Kuwait’s rank at the end of 2016 dropped in more than eight categories? They are best countries in business practices, international competition report, ease of business activities, prosperity indicator, best and worst destinations around the world for expats, health and education indicators, press freedom and international peace index.

The country is filled with countless government agencies and new authorities. Conferences are held every week, trips made around the world, television interviews are taking place, ideologists and their supporters are speaking all day long in the media and on social networks, the government meets every week and the parliament holds meetings regularly. In the end, this is the rank that we receive from an international organization. Do you also agree with me that the only successful authority in Kuwait is the ‘Corruption Protection Authority’?! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Waleed Al-Ghanem

This article was published on 17/04/2017