Kuwaitis, Lebanese and Jordanians fight in Salmiya

KUWAIT: Paramedics rushed four injured persons to hospital, including two Jordanian brothers suffering from deep stab wounds. The injuries occurred during a fight between Kuwaitis and Lebanese and Jordanians in Salmiya. Security sources said the first fight broke out in a Salmiya mall between three citizens and a group of Lebanese and Jordanian youth, during which knives were used. Police and paramedics rushed to the scene and transferred the injured to Mubarak Hospital ICU. The three citizens involved in the fight were arrested.

Fight on ‘Love Street’
Police responded to a call about a fight on “Love Street”, but when police arrived, all those involved escaped, leaving the sticks they used behind. Separately, a fight broke out in a Sharq mall, but those involved escaped from the scene.

Daughter’s tattoo
A citizen told police her 19-year-old daughter left home following an argument. The mother was surprised when she saw a tattoo covering her daughter’s entire arm. When she admonished her, the daughter retorted that what she does “is up to her alone” and that she wanted a tattoo like her friend. Detectives are working on the case. – Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa

This article was published on 01/04/2018