Kuwaiti tried to smuggle tiger cubs through Cairo airport

KUWAIT: Authorities at Cairo airport foiled an attempt by a Kuwaiti to smuggle two tiger cubs in his bag. His trip was cancelled until legal procedures are completed. The suspect put the cubs under anesthesia, then placed them in his bag. They were discovered during a routine inspection. He said he did not know that it was illegal to take them that way. The cubs will be sent to a zoo.

Detectives arrested a citizen yesterday on charges of forging official documents. The arrest came following investigation after residency affairs detectives received information about a company that issued 53 residency permits based on a cancelled government contract. The detectives were able to identify a Kuwaiti man who according to investigations signed a contract with a ministry to lease cars with drivers, and he was able to get permission to hire 63 workers in December 21, 2016. The contract was cancelled in May 22, 2017, but the man used the contract to issue the work permits though it was terminated. The man was sent to concerned authorities for further action.

Smoke inhalation
A citizen, his wife and three of their children were rushed to Jahra Hospital and admitted inside the intensive care unit (ICU) after they suffered smoke inhalation due to a fire in their house in Qaser. Firemen and paramedics responded to an emergency call, and found the family was trapped. The family members were rescued and rushed to hospital. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire.

Addicts arrested
A citizen called police operations and told them that his son was using drugs, so police went to their house and arrested the youngster, who was sleeping, and drugs were found near him. Police woke the addict up, then placed him under arrest and sent him to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). Meanwhile, a female citizen and a Jordanian man were found using drugs in a car, and sent to DCGD. The car was parked in a dark area, so police approached it and found the two were in an abnormal condition and having difficulty speaking. Drugs and drug paraphernalia were found on them, so they were sent to the DCGD. In a separate case, two men were found sleeping in a car, and both had drugs and joints with them, so they were sent to the DCGD for further legal action. The arrest was made in Nahda by a routine patrol.

Missing woman found
A Kuwaiti woman was arrested three years after being reported missing. The woman was arrested by Capital police and sent to Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station to find out where she had been all this time. Police found the girl walking after midnight, who tried to escape on foot when she was approached.

Thief caught
A thief who was active in Fintas and Khaitan was arrested by Capital police and sent to criminal detectives. The suspect was asked to pull over, but he refused, so he was forced to stop. It was found he was wanted on theft charges in Fintas and Khaitan, and all his victims were expats. He was sent to criminal detectives.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies

This article was published on 13/11/2017