Kuwait witnesses race to peak of highest skyscraper


KUWAIT: Some 550 young racers of various ages took part yesterday in the vertical marathon ending at peak of Kuwait’s iconic skyscraper Al-Hamra Tower in the capital.

Following the four-hour race, the organizer Yousuf Al-Fares said that the number of the contestants in the race, held for the third year, doubled due to support from companies and national institutions that contributed with various prizes and services. The racers contested to the top of the country’s highest tower. Valuable awards were given to the winners till the fifth rank.

Ali Al-Mislem came first in the men’s race. In the women, top winner was Aris Martinez. Ahmad Shalabi and Rami Shalabi won the competition for singles. Hamra Tower is tallest (440 m) building in Kuwait and the 23rd highest one in the world. The tower was included in the list of the best inventions of 2011 by TIME magazine. – KUNA

This article was published on 29/04/2017