Kuwait Times weekly commodity prices survey

KUWAIT: In 2014, Kuwait Times started a campaign to investigate the price change of some basic commodities starting a month prior to the holy month of Ramadan. The weekly survey covers the prices of seven different kinds of commodities (per kilogram) bought from a co-op society, for the purpose of comparing the prices on a weekly basis. These are popular items whose prices usually increase during Ramadan. This year, we also added eggs and milk to the previous list which contains: minced meat, chicken, tomatoes, lemons, and cucumbers.

When comparing the prices registered last Thursday with the prices registered in the survey conducted on May 2014, we noticed that the price of most commodities has increased, except for lemons and cucumbers.

The price of the items are as follows:
– One kg of fresh minced meat (beef) costs KD 2.750
– One kg of fresh Saudi chicken costs KD 1.760
– One kg of local tomatoes costs 550 Fils
– One kg of African lemons costs 660 Fils
– One kg of local cucumbers costs 50 Fils
This year we added two other items:
– One liter local milk (KDCow)  430 Fils
– One carton of eggs containing 30 eggs KD 1.100

Kuwait Times will be following the prices of these foodstuff, in order to check if any increase occurred during this period and until the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Follow Kuwait Times next week to read the next investigation report.
The prices are the same in all coops for the same kind and brand, but may differ in other supermarkets. Also, coops hold weekly food festivals, including special discounts on fruits and vegetables for one day a week.

By Nawara Fattahova

This article was published on 29/04/2017