Kuwait free of new bird flu strain

KUWAIT: Kuwait is free of the new deadly strain of avian influenza, known as bird flu (H5N1), the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resource (PAAAFR) affirmed yesterday. Livestock and poultry production in the country is totally bird flu-free, PAAAFR said in a press statement, adding that only limited cases of bird flu infections were discovered between January and March, and were reported to World Health Organization (WHO).

In a precautionary measure, Saudi Arabia’s authorities have banned importing eggs and poultry from Kuwait due to the discovered cases, the authority noted, adding that Kuwait has exerted consolidated efforts in guaranteeing and eliminating these infections.

Lab tests of samples collected throughout the past three months showed ‘negative’ results, PAAAFR said, noting that WHO, as a result, announced Kuwait as bird flu-free country in its official specialized periodical. So far, PAAAFR has not received notifications about banning Kuwaiti poultry exports in Saudi Arabia or neighboring countries, noting that lifting the ban on Kuwaiti products is currently underway. – KUNA

This article was published on 13/05/2017