Kuwait consumption of oil decreases by 1.3 per cent

KUWAIT: BP’s sixth annual report recently indicated that that Kuwait consumption of oil decreased by 1.3 per cent to 499,000 barrels per day while KSA remains the highest in GCC and ME in consumption rates. International oil consumption has grown by 1.6 billion barrels/day (1.6 per cent), which more than the 1.2 per cent average that had been dominant for ten years. The report said that China had the lion’s cut of the consumption increase with 400,000 barrels a day followed by India with 330,000 barrels per day.

The report also said that international daily oil consumption was 96.55 million barrels per day of which 34.8 per cent is consumed in Asia and the Pacific, 24.7 per cent in North America, 9.8 per cent in the Middle East, a little over 4 per cent in Africa, 19.5 per cent in Europe and Eurasia and 7.2 per cent in Latin and Central America. Notably, the report showed that Qatar consumption rates grew 7.5 per cent; that is 339,000 barrels per day, in 2016 followed by UAE by 6.7 per cent (987,000 barrels/day). Meanwhile, the report showed

Legislation achievements
MP Al-Humaidi Al-Subai’e said that the coming parliamentary term would witness an abundance of legislation achievements, namely laws related to citizens and economic reform. Al-Subai’e added that it was highly important to pass the bills of supporting the judiciary, retention, social insurance, honesty and contradiction of interests during the coming term. He also denied that the parliamentary legislation committee delayed laws and bills though it has too many proposals on its agenda.

Water solutions
MPW’s assistant undersecretary for health engineering affairs and the ministry’s official spokesperson, Abdul Mohsen Al-Enezi expected the electric current would be connected to Al-Khairan sewage water processing plant soon in order to meet Khairan residents’ demands to operate the plant and use the processed sewage water in irrigating area plants and parks.

By A Saleh

This article was published on 05/09/2017