Kids getting drunk with aftershave cologne

KUWAIT: Several citizens sought the help of police after they noticed their children were returning home drunk. They discovered they were buying some type of aftershave cologne from a grocery store in Khaitan. Detectives reviewed a video recorded by parents speaking to the grocer, and found the cologne is not banned. The grocer said he sells the cologne legally, and that youngsters buy it, adding he did not know they were drinking it. Detectives asked the grocer not to sell it to youngsters, and he promised to do so.

Public drunkenness
A citizen and a bedoon were arrested by Ahmadi police when they were seen with a bottle of imported liquor. They were charged with driving while intoxicated in Abu Halaifa. The two said they were in a party, and the bottle they had was from that party. Both were held at Abu Halaifa police station. In another development, an Indian was spotted by police dancing with a bottle in his hand near his car in Bayan, with Indian music blaring from his car. The policemen arrested him along with three others. All four were charged with public drunkenness and are being processed for deportation.

Detectives hunt for suspect
A Sudanese stole money from his sponsor’s farm. He then escaped using the sponsor’s car, smashing through the farm’s fence, according to the sponsor’s statement to Kabd police. Detectives are looking for the suspect.

Bedoons posing as detectives
Capital detectives arrested two bedoons for robberies and posing as detectives after they failed to rob a Syrian who insisted to see their IDs. Detectives received a call about a fight between three bedoons and a Syrian, who was badly beaten. Two bedoons were arrested and the Syrian was sent to hospital. -Al Rai


This article was published on 15/08/2017