KFH: 200 CSR Initiatives in 2017

Bank keen to implement inclusiveness in strategy of social responsibility

Yousef Abdullah Al-Ruwaieh

KUWAIT: Executive Manager Group Public Relations and Media at Kuwait Finance House (KFH), Yousef Abdullah Al-Ruwaieh said that KFH has offered nearly 200 initiatives and contributions in the corporate social responsibility in the year 2017, indicating the bank is keen to implement inclusiveness and diversity in the strategy of social responsibility. This encompassed the fields of health, education, sport, youth, people with special needs, and people with outstanding achievements in inventions, science, cultures and other fields.

Al-Ruwaieh added in a press release, that KFH has signed strategic partnerships with many institutions to support several activities in the health and medical field for its significant role in the life of individuals and society. KFH pays great attention to this vital field as it represents a main pillar for comprehensive development. KFH participated in the cancer and diabetes awareness campaigns and organized many events to raise the awareness among society individuals. Moreover, the bank sponsored scientific and medical forums and conferences to raise the awareness of some widespread diseases. KFH has been honored and recognized by several official bodies such as the Ministry of Health, Dasman Diabetes Institute in addition to several hospitals and medical institutions in recognition of its key role in participating in the events that are meant to raise the health awareness in the society.

Al-Ruwaieh continued: “KFH prioritized the youth and is the leading supporter for them at all levels. KFH sponsored the students and youth specialized clubs at the University of Kuwait and other private universities. The bank sponsored the graduation projects for the students of Engineering and Petroleum College. It organized many lectures and seminars for university students, not to mention hosted international lecturers to participate in job fairs and different students” activities. This affirms the bank’s endeavors to support the youth and appreciate students and the educational process.
He stressed the importance of environment noting that KFH pays great attention towards keeping the environment clean and healthy in collaboration with concerned official authorities and bodies. KFH uniquely sponsored a pioneering environmental project Umnia for Plastic bottles recycling. This small project has now become a factory for recycling. It participated in many other environmental activities and events such as cleaning the beaches, planting of greenery and holding events for school students to encourage planting and greening.

KFH Ramadan Campaign witnessed great success and received huge recognition. The bank launched around 70 initiatives of which were feeding fasting people, serving worshippers during Qiyam prayer in the Grand Mosque.

KFH also continued its strategic partnership with the Youth Empowerment Symposium dedicated for empowering the youth and granting them the opportunity to benefit from global leaders’ expertise and success stories.
KFH issued its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report CSR Report. This report generally highlights the bank’s initiatives and accomplishments.

He indicated that KFH inked a significant strategic agreement with a group of national champions who join KFH program under the theme “KFH initiators”. This agreement embodies the bank’s keenness to recognize those who contribute in raising the Kuwaiti flag high in the international forums and championships, while confirming its instrumental role in the corporate social responsibility.

KFH’s efforts in supporting and honoring the distinguished people reflects its commitment in the corporate social responsibility, indicating KFH inked two agreements with the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs; one for partnership and collaboration, and the other for supporting and sponsoring the activities of the Kuwait Capital of Arab Youth event. KFH contributions in the social responsibility show the bright image of the bank’s 40 years of giving.

This article was published on 17/01/2018