KD 3,000 a month deal made

KUWAIT: Ahmadi prosecution is considering the case of two sheikhs, one of whom made a deal with a Bangladeshi man to dump sewerage and industrial waste in his farm for KD 2 per tank, while the other sheikh kept the matter under the lid, as the farm owner earned KD 3,000 a month, according to a security source. An Environment Public Authority (EPA) team received a tip about a farm near Um Al-Haiman station in which sewer waste is dumped, and the owner charges KD 2 for each tanker.

Environment police noticed a car belonging to a ruling family member inside the farm, who confessed that he knows about the matter but denied any links to it, adding the farm belongs to another sheikh and that a Bangladeshi empties sewer trucks in the farm.

Tests proved the material is hazardous and may spread diseases and cancer. It could also affect public health and may seep into the country’s groundwater. EPA Director General Sheikh Abdullah Al-Humoud referred the two sheikhs and the Bangladeshi man to the prosecution, which is investigating the matter. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

This article was published on 01/05/2018