KD 10.080 million taxes collected

KUWAIT: Official data revealed that the finance ministry was able to collect KD 10.080 million in taxes and fees during October, raising its collections in seven months to KD 101.7 million, and this is higher compared to what was collected during the same period last year. Data also showed that the customs department collected KD 164.575 million during this period, while the justice ministry collected KD 7.3 million and civil aviation collected KD 7.390 million. The Cabinet had previously approved a joint agreement of selective taxes for GCC countries, which calls for imposing taxes on tobacco and carbonated drinks that may reach 100 percent. The agreements needs to be passed in parliament before it can be put into effect.

Proposal approved
The parliament’s interior and defense committee approved a proposal to accept the children and grandchildren of bedoons in the interior and defense ministries, and raise the maximum age of eligibility for military service to 40 years as proposed by MP Abdallah Fahhad.

By A Saleh

This article was published on 22/11/2017