Interior Ministry warns of roaming vendors

KUWAIT: Two Interior Ministry officials have identified roaming vendors as one of the most negative phenomena that Kuwait suffers from. The presence of those vendors in most of Kuwait’s main streets and roundabouts, working without license, permission or any legal act should be confronted strictly to protect them and for the interest of citizens and expatriates, said Director General of the Residency Affairs Detectives Department Brigadier Saud Al-Khader and Director General of Relations and Security Information Brig Adel Al-Hashash.

Such vendors harm the country’s security in various ways, as some of them do not have valid visas, while others sell banned or expired material, they said, further warning that the vendors do not have any health certificates, which exposes citizens and expats to health hazards.

Brig Khader said that inspection campaigns were intensified in various areas of Kuwait to confront this phenomenon, adding that any roaming vendor arrested will have his visa canceled and will be deported, while their sponsors will be blacklisted. Brig Hashash said meanwhile that the majority of roaming vendors are children and the elderly, and the security measures also aim to protect them as they are exposed to danger at traffic lights and roundabouts.

This article was published on 22/07/2015