Interior Ministry foils bid to hack its website

KUWAIT: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Friday that it has aborted an attempt to hack its website. Concerned security agencies managed to prevent the attempt, but suspended the website for a while just as a precautionary measure in line with a relevant strategy and plan to address such bids, the ministry’s public relations department said in a press release. “The ministry’s website was back to normal in a record time, and its electronic systems and official database were not affected at all,” it added. Immediate investigations were carried out in order to identify the hacker and bring him to accountability, it noted.

Limited fire
In other news, a limited fire broke out but was put under control at a service room in a restaurant at Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center. The blaze did not causing any human injuries or heavy material damage, Kuwait Fire Service Department (KFSD) said Friday. Firemen evacuated the center from all workers and visitors, in a precaution measure and for safety. After safety and security measures were implemented, the center was back to normal, but restaurant area remained closed yesterday as a precautionary measure, KFSD noted.

Meanwhile, Abdulaziz Ishaq, President of the Executive Committee for the establishment of cultural centers at the Amiri Diwan, said the fire occurred in a restaurant’s service room at 5:59 pm. The executive committee chief thanks the fire department for their swift response and professional handling of the incident.

Warehouse fire
Meanwhile, firemen from Sulaibkhat and Doha stations responded to a call about fire in a Sulaibkhat house, but they found out that the house contained a warehouse made of corrugated metal covering an area of 1,800 sq m. The warehouse had large amounts of wood and furniture that were not stored properly, which gave firemen a hard time in battling the blaze. Firemen from the Shuhada and backup stations joined in and bulldozers were used. A fire captain was injured when he fell in a hole. The house had many safety violations, KFSD said. An investigation is underway.

Search for rapist
A man raped a mentally-challenged girl and escaped after kicking her out of his residence where the crime took place. The girl’s father lodged a complaint against the suspect, identified as a Syrian national and who is being sought by detectives. The suspect assaulted the 21-year-old girl physically and sexually after he took her to his house. The girl was sent to forensics experts.

Construction violations
Inspectors from Kuwait Municipality’s Jahra branch carried out inspection campaigns that covered several areas around the governorate areas to make sure that property owners are complying with construction laws. A total of seven citation for construction violations were issued during the crackdowns, director of engineering inspection and follow up Ahmad Al-Enezi said.

Body found
The coroner recovered a young man’s body which was found in a South Surra house. A felony case was filed. Police received a call from a citizen about the body in the yard of his house. Policemen and detectives responded and found the body belongs to a citizen in his 20s.

Drug possession
A couple were arrested in Salmiya with possession of drugs, and sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). Police approached the two in a car and noticed a bag containing a material suspected to be drugs. They obtained a warrant to inspect the bag and discovered that it contained synthetic marijuana with added chemicals; a drug that has the street name of ‘chemical’ locally. Separately, Hawally governorate police arrested a citizen with possession of drugs, while his companion escaped. Several types of drugs were found with him.

The two were seen during a routine patrol in Salwa. As police approached a car with the two in it, the passenger started running and disappeared. The driver had a hashish joint, four pieces of hashish, 62 psychoactive pills and drugs paraphernalia. In other news, Ahmadi detectives are looking for a person who escaped, leaving seven envelopes of heroin behind. Security sources said a man was walking on foot on the coastal road in an abnormal state, but as soon as police approached him, he threw a carton of cigarettes and disappeared between buildings. When officers opened the box, they found the drugs in it.

Missing girls found
Capital governorate police arrested two Syrian women who were reported missing two years ago. Police on a routine patrol in Sharq saw the two and found they were the missing sisters. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Diesel wasted
Jahra detectives are looking for unidentified persons who siphoned more than 11,000 liters of diesel from three different heads in Um Naqa desert area belonging to Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). A citizen who represents the company told Qashaniya police station about the thefts.

Liquor possession
Hawally police detained an Indian who had 62 imported liquor bottles with him. The arrest was made in Salmiya as the suspect, Indian, looked nervous while in his car, so he was searched an arrested. He was sent to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies

This article was published on 10/02/2018