Indian beggars rounded up

Police in India are rounding up beggars ahead of Ivanka Trump’s visit for a conference in late November. (AFP)

HYDERABAD: Authorities in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad are rounding up beggars ahead of a visit by Ivanka Trump. Over the past week, more than 200 beggars have been transported to separate male and female shelter homes located on the grounds of two city prisons. Authorities have been strictly enforcing a begging ban on the city’s streets and in other public places. The crackdown seems to be having the desired effect, with most of the city’s thousands of beggars vanishing from sight. Trump is a senior adviser to her father, President Donald Trump. Officials say the drive against begging was launched because two international events are taking place in Hyderabad – the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that Ivanka Trump is scheduled to attend and the World Telugu Conference in December.

This article was published on 14/11/2017