iflix, formally launched in Kuwait


Now television programs and all your favorite movies via cable networks and other paid TVs will be available on your mobile phones 24/7. Thanks to iflix, the world’s leading subscription video on demand (SVOD) that launched in Kuwait. Iflix and Zain Telecommunications had signed an agreement few months back. Now, over four million people of all age groups in this region have subscribed to iflix, the number is still growing. It started in Malaysia and it’s growing in over 18 territories across Asia and the MENA region.

“It is available now to over one billion consumers worldwide and we are happy to expand our reach globally. We give access to thousands of movies and television programs unlimited,” said Bashar Alostad, Managing Director iflix-Kuwait. “For a very low monthly fee i.e. one dinar quarter (KD1.25) something this great is worth it. iflix can be downloaded via apps, and subscribers can watch on their mobile phone, laptop, tablets or back to TV,” he said. Iflix offers users unlimited access to a vast collection of Hollywood, regional Arabic, popular Turkish and many other local TV shows and movies. Iflix subscribers can also enjoy and watch programs offline.

“Even if you are offline, you can still watch your favorite movies. Each television episode or movie can be downloaded in various resolution qualities to best accommodate the storage capacity of users’ devices,” he said. John Paul McKerlie, CEO iflix Arabia said that the next few days/months are the most exciting for iflix Arabia. “When was the last time you had to rush home to watch a TV show? We addressed that issue. You do not need to rush quickly to watch the show, you can now watch according to your availability. You cannot completely put the western movies or programs, so, we incorporated the movies and programs from other countries, we are building the brand every day,” he said. iflix believes that with the growing number of smart phone users, they can get the share of 129 million population in the GCC or a bit more that 30 percent of pay TV and movies. We’ll do lots more of adding some more locals and other contents, that is what we want,” he said. Iflix was launched in Malaysia and the Philippines, through Catchie, leading international focused on emerging market


By Ben Garcia

This article was published on 13/05/2017