Hindu temples in Bangladesh attacked

NEW DELHI: Hundreds of Muslims in eastern Bangladesh angry about a social media post launched a wave of attacks against Hindu temples and homes in a rare convulsion of communal violence in the region, Bangladeshi police said yesterday.

Police arrested 15 people suspected of taking part in the violence, which erupted over a social media post depicting the Hindu god Shiva over a picture of the Kaaba, the large cube-shaped building in Makkah that is considered one of the holiest places in Islam.

As news of the post spread through neighborhoods in Muslim-majority Bangladesh, hundreds of people rampaged for two hours Sunday through Hindu communities east of Dhaka, the capital, said senior regional police officer Abdul Karim. Police said 100 homes and five Hindu temples were looted. Some rioters apprehended a 27 year-old man they suspected of posting the offensive picture, but police have yet to determine if he posted it. “We are working on it,” Karim said.

This article was published on 31/10/2016