Healthy lifestyle is the secret to a healthy skin

real-fouzWe all want healthy, glowing skin, but unfortunately it doesn’t come naturally to all of us, including myself. A while back, I had to take Roaccutane due to a sudden and severe change in my skin. I was 24 years old and I didn’t really understand why this change was occurring since acne and skin problems start at a younger age (I thought). It all started while I was on a trip during the summer, I was enjoying most of my time under the sun. After a good five days of roasting myself I started to notice small white bumps under my skin, within a couple of days they were showing up all over my face. What made it all worse was the fact that I had to shoot my first magazine cover ever in a few days and I was not cover ready at all! Once I got back from my trip, I made an appointment with my dermatologist who was also alarmed with what was going on with my skin. He suggested Roaccutane, which I ended up taking for four months.

I guess this medication is the most controversial medication I’ve heard of, you hear so many weird side effects girls suffer from that worried me, however, at that point I was willing to suffer the consequences. My experience with Roaccutane was not bad at all, the worst was the severe dehydration and flaky lips, other than that it was pretty much fine. During those four months I read a lot about different skin types and what could I do or change in order to improve my skin, I realized I was doing so many things wrong.

I changed my diet, worked out more often and threw out many products I was using. Medication alone cannot clear your skin completely, you will eventually have to change your lifestyle. Glowing skin can be a huge boost to your confidence, and in order to achieve that you should figure out what you’re doing that may cause you skin to break out or produce more acne. Figuring out what skin type you are is the first and most essential step, before treating your skin or purchasing skin products you should know which skin type you are out of the five types; dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive.

Cleaning your skin is crucial to avoid any dirt or makeup accumulating in your skin, the more you allow your skin to breathe the less acne will show up. Removing your make up at the end of the day and moisturizing it will make a huge difference when it comes to break outs, and you should always avoid using testers in stores or make up brushes used on many people, because they tend to carry so much bacteria and the stories I’ve read about this are horrific.

Start using a toner every night, especially if you oily skin, you can target the T zone and affected areas to avoid more break outs. Toners tend to slightly dry out your skin so moisturizing after you’ve cleaned your skin is also a must. I like to use oil-free moisturizers because I don’t like how my skin feels being oily nor does it look well for my make-up, I’m more into the matte look than glowy. We need to educate ourselves to what works for our skin and our skin only, not everything used on different people will work on you. Each person is different, treat your skin to have healthy skin which will even result in flawless and less application is makeup. Be beautiful!

This article was published on 04/11/2015