Hayef submits draft law to curb security restrictions

Fadhalah to file grilling against PM on March 5

KUWAIT: Islamist opposition MP Mohammad Hayef and a number of lawmakers yesterday submitted a draft law to regulate what he called “oppressive” security restrictions imposed on Kuwaitis, expatriates and bedoons. He said the measure adopted by security agencies is unconstitutional and has been used to harm a large number of people, adding that it constitutes a violation of basic human rights. Hayef said security restrictions have become a threat to the future of many people and are illogical and reactionary, since they remain in force for long durations.

Several opposition MPs have in recent months complained that security authorities impose such restrictions against people seen as opponents of the government. The restrictions could be used to prevent targeted people from getting jobs, identification cards and other amenities. Hayef said security restrictions have been imposed on some people simply for taking part in a protest or a public rally. He said that in some cases, restrictions are extended to include all members of the family.

He said that currently, such restrictions are imposed randomly, and accordingly the measure requires to be regulated.

Meanwhile, MP Khaled Al-Otaibi yesterday submitted a draft law stipulating that any amendment to the election law must be approved by the constitutional court before it becomes effective. The lawmaker said the draft law requires the court to issue its verdict over the amendment within one month and the period is reduced by half when the amendment is made through an Amiri decree. Otaibi said the measure will ensure that amendments to the election law or changing the constituencies are in line with the constitution before they are applied, thus preventing nullifying the election or elected assemblies like what happened in the past few years.

MP Youssef Al-Fadhalah meanwhile said he has already completed two issues of the grilling he plans to submit against Prime Minister HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. Fadhalah reiterated that he plans to submit the grilling on March 5, adding that he is working to complete the other issues. The lawmaker said the issues in the grilling include placing the finances of the country under risk, unfair and suspicious expenditures and flagrant squandering of public funds.

He said other issues include attempts to cut spending by taking random measures that undermine the national economy. Fadhalah said he is committed to submitting the grilling on March 5, unless the government holds to account “leaders of corruption” in the ministry of health and answers his questions. He said he will coordinate with other lawmakers over the grilling.

By B Izzak

This article was published on 27/02/2017