Gulfsat and Thuraya sign a cooperation agreement in satellite communications

Deal to launch data services in Kuwait

KUWAIT:(From the left) Gulfsat Chairman and CEO Mohammed Al-Haj and Thuraya Director Market Development Energy and VIP Fahad Kahoor.

KUWAIT: Gulfsat Communications Company, a leading company specialized in providing satellite communication and TV broadcasting and re-broadcasting, has announced the signing of a service agreement with Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the provider of satellite communication services (MSS). The agreement is in line with the shared view to expand and diversify communication services in the Middle East and North Africa.

Under this agreement, Gulfsat will be able to launch data services in Kuwait through the diversified portfolio of Thuraya Telecommunications Company services for the benefit of Gulfsat’s customers. At the strategic level, the agreement will contribute to combining the efforts of both companies and merge their common interests in order to enhance satellite communication methods. It will also allow them to reach new customers in major sectors such as government, oil, marine and media in the region, eventually strengthening their customer base. The agreement was signed during the Middle East Marine Patrol Vessels Forum (OPV) that was held in Kuwait under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense and the Marine Force.

Expanding data services
Commenting on this agreement, Gulfsat’s Chairman and CEO, Mohammed Al-Haj said, “We are pleased to announce the signing of this agreement with Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading company in the region, specialized in satellite communication services. Through this cooperation, Gulfsat will be able to cater for the high and increasing demand for data services in Kuwait, particularly for the segment of customers in the marine sector. Gulfsat will also be able to provide uniform solutions to its customers through land-based networks and satellites and improve the quality of its communications, regardless of their location. In addition, the agreement will support the joint objectives of both companies in the area of service provision in the region.”

Scope of the agreement
Al-Haj added, “The agreement is a translation of the company’s executive management efforts to implement the Board of Director’s vision to remain abreast with the most recent technological developments in the field of satellite services and re-broadcasting services, of which satellite communications (MSS) are a key element.”

Al-Haj noted that the cooperation of Thuraya with Gulfsat reflects a set of key points, the first being the huge credibility that Gulfsat enjoys as a leader in its area of specialization, and the second is the fact that agreements of this kind enhance the leadership role of our company on a regional level and specifically in the Middle East and Northern Africa markets. Furthermore, and pursuant to this agreement, Thuraya Company will be in the prestigious presence of specialized technological companies that have close cooperation relations with Gulfsat at the regional level. All this will benefit our own distinguished customer base.

Thuraya to transmit data in Kuwaiti market
Meanwhile, Thuraya’s Chief Commercial Officer, Danny Kutty, said, “We are happy at the prospect of working with Gulfsat, which will enable us to have a foothold in Kuwait and provide services to several major sectors in the country, including its customers in the marine sector. Our joint offerings will also empower our remote operating capabilities for many customers in the oil and gas sector in the Middle East and North Africa. We are confident this alliance will be positively received and we look forward to further cooperation with our new partner through a package of new services including a portfolio of products that Gulfsat’s customers can obtain, such as Thuraya broad band devices for data transmission like Thuraya IP Plus, IP Voyager, Orion IP, Atlas IP and others.”

This article was published on 05/11/2017