Glee actress tracks family


Lea Michele says filming ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ left her family in tears. The ‘Glee’ actress took part in the genealogy series and was overjoyed when she tracked down an Israel-based relative, who previously lived with her parents but hadn’t seen them since 1983.

She told Us Weekly: “That was incredible! I remember hearing that name growing up a little bit … That’s so incredible to know that there are people out there. It’s not even that she was such a far generational gap between us. “My dad cried when he saw her – so did my mom. It was really amazing, and I think I’m going to have to plan a trip to Israel at some point to see the rest of my family.”

Lea, 29, also revealed that looking into her roots with her father was a great “bonding experience” for them both. She said: “My dad and I had the best time doing this together, and it was really such a bonding experience for the both of us. My dad’s like my best friend, so this was just such a great thing for us to do together.”

This article was published on 02/05/2016