Ghassan Al-Khaled wins ‘Visionary of the Year’ by Arabian Business Kuwait Awards

Ghassan Al-Khaled

KUWAIT: In its annual awards ceremony, ACICO Industries Group CEO, Ghassan Ahmed Al- Khaled, was named the Visionary of the year by the Arabian Business magazine. Commenting on the award, Al-Khaled said: “The ACICO Group has continued to grow this year, further strengthening its position in the industry to continue growing and expanding. “Today, I am a proud founder of ACICO Group, which has become one of the leading industrial companies in the region. Through its diversified business lines, ACICO has set a solid footprint in the countries where it operates, gaining the confidence of government entities and in specific that of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and Ministry of Public Works”.

He added that ACICO has succeeded in building a strong customer base and relationships with banks, which played an important role in the success of the Group over the past two decades. He said that the Group’s success in credited to its high professional ethics and compliance with international standards.

Al-Khaled also said that the success of the Group was achieved as a result of invested efforts and continued commitment to deliver quality. He commented: “I was pleased to say that ACICO has a strong team of engineers and supporting professions, all known for their high degree of professionalism, knowledge and experience, leading the Group’s subsidiaries to achieve success following the highest international standards in their relevant sectors”.

Al-Khaled concluded: “We are honored to be awarded this award by a world-class organization that will undoubtedly encourage us to continue to deliver the high quality and service that our customers are accustomed to receiving from the ACICO Group in its various subsidiaries”

This article was published on 15/05/2017