Fireman kills aunt, commits suicide

KUWAIT: Detectives solved the mystery behind the stab-murder of a woman who was found dead at her residence in Yarmouk on Feb 12, 2017. They discovered that her nephew, who reportedly committed suicide on the same day, had killed her before ending his life. Detectives inspected footage taken by cameras in front of the victim’s house which showed her nephew, a fireman, committing the crime. They were also sure that the fire officer called the victim before going to her house and had a dispute with her. Information further revealed that the officer was not married, suffered psychological problems lately, and was absent from his work for few a days. Police found narcotics when they searched his apartment as well. DNA tests for traces found on the murder weapon also matched samples taken from the victim and her nephew, the Interior Ministry said in a statement yesterday.

Residency detectives arrested a mandoub (company representative) and a typist for forging labor-related transactions issued by a state department and altering the type of profession written there to facilitate receiving driver’s licenses. They carried out the forgery in exchange of amounts ranging from KD 500 to KD 800 per transaction. Tips received from undercover sources were verified after data on the transactions were checked and discovered to be not matching with those in the labor database. Official departments were asked about the stamps and signatures on the transactions, and they said that they were not aware of them. The suspects were identified, arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Camping violations
Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality said a campaign carried out recently in Mubarakiya and Shuwaikh resulted in issuing 51 citations. Director of Inspection and Municipality Services Department Imam Al-Kandari said the violations varied between expired health licenses, hiring workers without obtaining a health certificate, failure to comply with hygiene standards, using spoiled food material and dealing with food stuff before receiving proper health licenses. Meanwhile, Kuwait Municipality announced that spring camps committee’s report until Jan 2017 showed that 348 camps were removed for violating municipality rules. The report said, the number of warnings issued since the start of camping season was as follows: 424 in Jahra, 123 in Farwaniya, 53 in Ahmadi, 281 camps in Jahra, 35 in Farwaniya and 32 in Ahmadi.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

This article was published on 15/02/2017