Dusty weekend in Kuwait

KUWAIT: The weather during the weekend will be dusty due to the moderate and active winds, said the official at the Kuwait Meteorological Department Abdulaziz Al- Qarawi yesterday. Al-Qarawi said that the lowest temperature would reach around 23-26 Degrees Celsius during the evening while wind speed will be between 15-42 kilometers per hour (kph). As for the status of the sea, Al- Qarawi said that waves would be light to moderate at a height of two to six feet. Today’s weather will be dusty due to the active northwest wind at speeds between 25 to 55 kph.

The highest temperature will be between 34-36 Degrees Celsius, said Al-Qarawi. The status of sea will be moderate to high waves at heights of four to six feet, said the meteorologist. The lowest temperature today will between 23-25 degrees. Al-Qarawi added that tomorrow would be relatively hot with a moderate to active northwest winds at speeds of 20 to 50 kph causing dust.

This article was published on 20/04/2017