Drugged driver caught with firearm

KUWAIT: Police arrested a man who was driving under the influence of drugs while holding a loaded AK-47 rifle, according to police. Officers had rushed to a location where several people reported in emergency calls that a man was driving while waving a mechanical weapon from his vehicle’s window. Police were able to subdue to the man and place him under arrest. He was taken to the police station to be identified because he was too inebriated to speak cohesively with officers. He was later transferred to Farwaniya Hospital for a medical check. The man faces charges of drug abuse, possession of an unlicensed firearm, and reckless driving.

Fugitive nabbed
In a similar case, Jahra police arrested a drugs addict after he showed resistance. They discovered that he is wanted to by authorities to serve six years in jail over a previous case. Police had ordered the man to pull his vehicle over because it had illegally tinted windows. They soon discovered that he was under the influence of drugs, so they placed him under arrest and set him to the concerned authorities.

Suspected ‘extremist’
Investigations are ongoing in a case involving a man who claims that his son is an extremist, while the young man says that his father is mentally ill. Police had headed to a house in Taima after receiving an emergency call about a fight and possible arms possession. A bedoon man answered the door, and told police that he suspects that his son has joined Daesh. He claimed that the young man possessed a weapon, and often met with people he never seen before in the area. Police asked to see the young man, who came out and told police that his father has a mental disorder and often acts strangely when he is off medication. Preliminary investigations revealed that the father had done the same to his son before. The case is pending a mental evaluation test for the father.

Search for runaway thieves
Jahra prosecutor ordered an investigation to identify an arrest four people who robbed a citizen and left behind a vehicle that was likely stolen. A Kuwaiti man had told Naeem police that he was approached while being at a co-op society’s parking lot by four men, who robbed KD 160 from him at knifepoint. The four ran away on foot afterwards, leaving behind a luxury vehicle that they were driving. Separately, investigations are ongoing to identify and arrest a thief who stole a purse containing two smartphones, a civil DI and credit cards from a car he broke into. The vehicle’s owner told police that she came out of a beauty salon to discover that her car’s window was smashed. She inspected the vehicle and found out that her purse which he had left inside was missing. Forensics personnel were sent to take fingerprints from the vehicle.

An Egyptian man who works at a phone store told police that he was beaten by a citizen, and gave officers his information. The man further claimed that the citizen robbed KD 790 from him then escaped. Detectives were assigned to investigate the issue.

A man was rushed to Farwaniya Hospital after he collapsed inside his Sulaibiya house following a fight he had in Salmiya. The man arrived unconscious at the hospital, and told police after regaining consciousness that unknown persons beat him up inside a Salmiya cafĂ©. A case was filed for investigations. – Translated from the Arabic press

This article was published on 20/03/2017