Doctor accused of ‘touching’

Kuwait: A Lebanese woman complained against a Jordanian doctor for ‘touching’ her body in a way that had nothing to do with treatment while he was explaining how he will handle her case. She said her friend was with her and witnessed everything. The doctor denied the woman’s claims.

Kuwaiti arrested
A citizen was taken to Adailiya police station after police noticed him harassing a girl in a co-op parking lot. The citizen refused to hand police his IDs, and was forced in the patrol car. The woman refused to go to the police station.

Police hunt for missing girl
Jahra detectives are looking for a girl – a student at a foreign university – following a complaint by her father. The girl is psychologically ill and is being treated at the psychiatric hospital. He said the girl left home a week ago and did not return. When asked why he waited all this time to inform police, he said his daughter used to stay with her friends for a day or two and then return.


This article was published on 12/08/2017