Disabled child’s guardian awarded KD 27,400 in allowances

KUWAIT: A mother who cares for a disabled person was awarded KD 27,400 by a court ruling against the Disabled Public Authority, which confirmed her right for allowances to be paid retroactively since the child’s birth.

Family held hostage
Policemen rescued a family from their son, who held them hostage inside their house in Andalus while being in an abnormal condition. Police received a call from a family member saying that the suspect pulled a knife on them, so they went to the house and arrested the man.

Drunk drivers’ busted
Police arrested two citizens who were caught in an abnormal condition inside a vehicle that was pulled over on King Fahad Road, while three bottles of liquor were found in their possession. Patrol officers pulled over a sports-utility-vehicle (SUV), but the driver hit the patrol vehicle and drove off into a desert area in Al-Zoor. However, his vehicle got stuck in sand dunes, allowing police to arrest him and his companion. The two carried no IDs with them, and were sent to concerned authorities for further action. In a separate case, police sent a citizen and his companion to the relevant authorities after he was arrested near a famous hotel for harassing women and passersby. Policemen found the two being in an abnormal condition, and discovered that one of them was wanted to serve a jail sentence. They also had an imported liquor bottle in their car.

Thief caught
A uniformed man caught a person trying to break into his car while going for Isha prayers in Faiha. The thief, Syrian, was taken to the police station for questioning. Meanwhile, Jahra detectives are looking for a 2012 model SUV that was stolen in front of a citizen’s house in Qasar. The citizen did not accuse anyone of the theft.

A female citizen told Jabriya police that she was beaten up by two expatriate women, which left her with several injuries. When summoned, both women accused the complainant of attacking them first. Investigations are ongoing.

Detectives are looking for an Egyptian man and two others accused by a citizen of embezzlement. The citizen gave the Egyptian man KD 22,000 based on an agreement to buy a factory. The man then disappeared, prompting the citizen to lodge a complaint at Khaitan police station.

Child’s kidnap
A female citizen lodged a complaint against her ex-husband, accusing him of kidnapping their child. The woman told police that her ex-husband failed to return her child to her after visitation, explaining that she has custody over her son. Separately, a female citizen accused her husband of assault, and the man was summoned for questioning. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

This article was published on 26/12/2017