Delivering the news to your doorstep for 36 years

The key to success for any organization is its dedicated employees. At Kuwait Times, Zil Shah is the perfect example of this adage. Shah, 63, has been working with Kuwait Times for the past 32 years, delivering newspapers since 1986. Braving all kinds of traffic, weather conditions, work flows and interruptions. Shah comes to your doorstep to deliver the most important news of the day.

Shah believes in leading a simple life. He treats his delivery job with great care and detail. From 11:30 pm, he delivers newspapers to every subscriber on his assigned route. “This job has been very promising and I am very happy that as you sleep, I am the first person to bring the most important information you need for the day,” he said.

When he took up this job, there was no Internet and no cable TV – people mainly depended on the radio and newspapers. “I am proud that I’m a part of Kuwait. For me, it’s a privilege,” he said.

Shah’s task is to deliver around 200 newspapers daily, mainly in the residential areas of Kuwait. “I deliver them daily to every house with a subscription, and baqalas too. Some of them have orders of 15-20 copies,” he said. By 4am, his work is done and he heads home.

There was a lull in delivering newspapers during the 1990-1991 Gulf War. After Kuwait’s liberation in 1991, he returned from Pakistan and was assigned to Kuwait City – from the Sheraton Roundabout to Safat Square and Sharq police station. This area comprises mainly commercial establishments and offices.

Shah usually grabs a copy for himself and reads it before leaving for his morning routine. “My life revolves around working, eating and sleeping,” he said. Shah is married with five children, two of whom are doctors. “With this job, I was able to send all my children to school. I am a proud parent with a stable job in Kuwait and I am very thankful for it,” he concluded.

By Ben Garcia

This article was published on 01/03/2018